With Easter just around the corner, we have compiled 10 facts about Easter that we think you will find interesting. Enjoy!
Fact 1: The Guinness world record for the tallest chocolate Easter egg was measured at 10.39 metres which is the equivalent of about 34 feet (that’s taller than a Giraffe) and it was an astonishing 64 feet and 3.65 inches wide! It was made in Italy in 2011.
Fact 2: It is a Christian celebration as it marks the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead.
Fact 3: Egg-throwing events were held in churches in medieval times. It consisted of the priest tossing hard-boiled eggs to the congregation and at 12 o'clock, whoever held the egg, got to keep it. A variation of this tradition is still ongoing today with the world egg throwing championships.
Fact 4: The reason Easter is a moveable feast is due to the date of the Passover changing according to the phases of the moon. Next year it will be on March 27th.
Fact 5: There is an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn of the White House every year.
Fact 6: 76% of people eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first.
Fact 7: Cadbury’s Creme Egg is the worlds most popular egg-shaped chocolate. Over 1.5 million eggs are produced every day!
Fact 8: Easter is the second top-selling sweet and chocolate holiday after Halloween.
Fact 9: The largest Easter egg hunt took place in Florida in 2007 where over 9,000 children searched for 501,000 eggs.
Fact 10: Irish love chocolate! In 2012 Ireland came 2nd in the ‘top 20 consuming nations’ consuming 9.9kg of chocolate per capita!
Everyone here at 123.ie would like to wish you a very Happy Easter!
Jennifer Bulmer
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