They’re expensive to buy but a lot cheaper to run. We say “yes”!

Electric cars are yet to take off in a big way here in Ireland. But the benefit of a new eco-friendly electric car can be ten-fold, when you consider how expensive it is to run a traditional diesel or petrol car here in Ireland.

Electric cars are available from most manufacturers, from Renault to Toyota all the way to high-end manufacturers like BMW. They run silently and cost between €1 and €3 to recharge at home or at ESB public power points across the country.

Another attractive feature is that they have minimal road tax because they produce zero carbon dioxide emissions. They can run from 120 kilometres to 200 kilometres on a single charge, and that should last up to 2 days.

The ESB estimates that by 2020, 10% of the cars on our roads will be fully powered by electricity. So should you buy one?

If you’re environmentally conscious, then yes.

If you want cheaper motoring, then yes.

If you don’t take regular long journeys, then yes.

How much do they cost? As we’ve said, they’re cheap to tax and recharge but they’re also eligible for grants and reduced VRT. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, running an electric car for a year over a distance of 16,000km should cost around 80% less than running an equivalent diesel or petrol engine car. To check more out on this simply visit the Department of Natural Resources for more info.

The actual cost of an electric car  in the showroom varies, of course, depending on the size and make you want but prices range from about €8,000 for the very compact Renault Twizy Urban to around €32,000 for a Nissan Leaf.

There’s no doubt that electric cars are the future so if you can afford the purchase price and don’t have to go on regular long drives, then we say go for it! Anything that also benefits the environment is a bonus in our books!



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