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Here at we always have our safety hats on! We know that Halloween is one of the best times of the year between the toffee apples, trick or treating and of course the fireworks! However, it’s  also crucial to remain safety-conscious during this time. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a happy and healthy Halloween break!


Trick or Treating is for adults too

While it’s often tempting to let your children head out with a group of their friends on Halloween night, make sure they're either old enough to be alone otherwise they should have a supervisor present. If your child was going out to walk the dark streets on any other night of the year would you let them do it alone? Even if they’re embarrassed of you, walk behind them and keep an eye out. This will prevent anything from happening to them or dare we say it, prevent them from partaking in any anti-social behaviour (although we know the kids that you know would never do that).


Beware of the Bonfire

One of Halloween’s oldest and warmest traditions – the local bonfire! Remember, you should always consider attending an organised event rather than risking your own safety to have a private bonfire. There is also a few things you should know before attending. You should never burn aerosols, batteries, bottles, tyres or tins. Instead, use wood or branches that have already been cut. You should always try to keep a safe distance from the fire, at least 5 meters away – as sparks can tend to fly (and not the good kind)! Where possible, keep some buckets of water nearby in the case of an emergency and always be on the lookout for children or animals nearby!


Take good costume care

Most people will not think about the safety of their own or their child’s costume. However, this can play a huge part in keeping your Halloween happy! For young children, be conscious that masks can obstruct visibility and they’re very hard to breathe in. It’s also worth noting that if you're using face paint, ensure it’s non-toxic which will prevent allergic reactions. Similarly, if you’re buying a costume from the store, it would be a good idea to buy one that’s labelled ‘flame resistant’ as many people that are out and about will have lanterns, candles and other decorative flames.


Don’t be the monster of bad driving

With kids and teenagers swarming the streets in the hunt of sweets and treats, make sure you’re not the one that’s going to scare them and make an effort to drive with extra care over the holiday. Drive very slowly and don’t overtake stopped cars – the driver may be dropping off children. Be prepared for kids to dart out in front of you, even if you’re not near a pedestrian crossing. With all the lights and flames of the night, they may not see your lights or signals.


Hopefully these tips will help you and yours to have a happy and healthy Halloween. Here at, safety matters, so make sure you have cover you can count on.

Michelle Clancy

Marketing Executive

Hi, I'm Michelle and I work in the Marketing team here at Please sit back and enjoy our blog posts, hopefully you find them enjoyable if not somewhat helpful.