Car sales are on the up in Ireland

New car sales figures so far for 2014 are an improvement on previous years. Is it a sign of good things to come?

New car sales figures for the beginning of 2014 are well ahead of previous years and they suggest a rise in consumer confidence. Motorcheck tells us that five of the 10 bestselling makes are already ahead of their equivalent 2013 figures.

What we’re buying

Toyota is currently the leading brand for 2014, followed by Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford and Kia. The bestselling model was the Hyundai ix35, followed by the VW Golf, the Kia Sportage and the Toyota Yaris. Volkswagen finished on top of the Irish car market in 2013 for the second year in succession.

Things are looking up

Graham Browne of McConnell Brothers Toyota, in Waterford says “We’ve sold 10 times the number of cars coming into January than we had last year. Business is taking a complete change. I think a lot of it is to do with people becoming used to the new number-plate system.”

Volkswagen managing director Simon Elliott noted that, “importantly for the economy at large we’re seeing a big rise in sales of commercial vehicles. Even taking out the sorts of big corporate orders, we’re seeing van orders around three times higher than they were at this time last year.”

Is it a sign of good things to come? Well, if confidence is returning, and these figures suggest it is, then it’s very good news indeed.


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