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Smart Gadgets You Can Rely On In Your Home

As the world slowly succumbs to the idea of a ‘smart life’, there are a few of us still using manual lamps, sounded alarms and good old fashioned shopping lists. Sometimes it’s better to ease ourselves into this kind of change than going head first. Here at we have come up with a list of new smart devices to help you do just that!

Amazon Dash

Have you ever rocked up to the dishwasher or washing machine at some point and realised that you are out of powder or tablets? Very annoying, right? Well that’s where the ‘Amazon Dash’ comes into its own. The Dash is essentially a shopping list confined into a compact electronic device. By having an Amazon Dash configured to a particular product and quantity such as a 10kg box of washing powder, you can restock and replenish with a press of a button. Keep the button near where you keep the product so you can easily just click and order. The order is processed through your online Amazon account and there is no need to re-input your payment or delivery details once set up. If that isn’t enticing enough, the device also sends a text message to your phone, offering a half hour cancellation period if needed.


Most people hate the sound of that dreaded alarm bell in the morning. No matter how friendly our alarm may be, we always end up begrudging it. Studies have shown that the most natural way for the body to wake is by light, which produces hormones that encourage us to get up and go. The Lumie does just that! It’s the first ‘wake-up’ light that wakes the user up by light transmission rather than a sounding alarm, meaning a more peaceful awakening and a less frustrating start to your day.

Amazon Echo

Another Amazon product to make the list is this compact yet effective speaker which allows you to control a range of appliances simply by speaking to it. It works via vocal interaction once it hears it’s ‘wake word’. From weather information to playlist creating, alarm-setting to podcast streaming, this gadget is a useful, futuristic version of iPhone’s ‘Siri’. Not to mention, it’s ‘home automation’ hub allows you to connect to and control your household appliances that are connected to the device.

WeMo Switch

You’ve left your hair straightener on…what do you do! No need to worry, Belkin have come up with this really clever smart plug to get you out of this pickle. It allows you to switch your electronic devices on and off from wherever you are using your smart phone. The WeMo Switch uses your Wi-Fi network to allow you wireless access to your lamps, radios, heaters, TV’s etc. Using the app, you can remotely control the power of your appliances and even set timers for them to switch on/ off while you’re away from your home. Problem solved!

BeOn Smart Bulbs

These bulbs feature a balance of security and convenience. They are capable of remembering your typical lighting patterns and will work to replicate these without you needing to switch them on/off. You can also program them to power on automatically if your doorbell rings or your alarm goes off, a great deterrent for those day time burglars! These bulbs connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth which means you can control them from your phone without the necessity of Wi-Fi. If that’s not enough to sway you, there is an effective four hours of backup energy available to keep your bulbs bright even if there is a power cut!

Samsung SmartCam

Do you ever want someone to check on your house while you’re away? Or even make sure the dog isn’t getting up to mischief while you’re at work? Well now it’s easy! The Samsung SmartCam is among a range of new security cameras for your home which you can connect to and control straight from your phone. Once connected, the screen on your phone will give you a live stream video of what your camera is seeing at home.

These smart gadgets are just a few of many devices on the market to assist you with everyday life and many work to protect your home. So with these security smart gadgets and your Home Insurance from, you can leave all your worries behind. Who knows, maybe in the future these gadgets will even score you a discount on your insurance premium with the added protection they offer. So don’t fall behind the times, get smart!

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