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Got your summer holiday booked? Planning to veg out on a beach? Go on an adventure? Stay with friends? Whatever you have in mind, here’s some useful things to pack before you go:

  1. A colour copy of your passport

Keep it in your luggage for two reasons: One, if you lose your passport you will need this to help get you home and two, if you lose your luggage it will help whoever finds it get it back to you. Simple.

  1. Baby powder

Here’s a tip – Baby powder makes it easier to get sand off yourself after the beach. Weird, but true.

  1. Corkscrew / bottle opener

You’re almost guaranteed to find you need this just after you get back to your room/apartment from the supermarket. Trust us.

  1. Colourful scarf

Why? You know when all the bags come out at baggage reclaim and EVERYONE seems to have suitcases that look the same? Wrap a colourful scarf around the handle of yours and you’ll spot it across the 50 yard scrum. It really works.

  1. Pillow case

Use it to keep your dirty laundry in and separate from your nice clean clothes. Genius.

  1. Apps

Have a look online for the best travel guides for your destination, translators, currency converters, etc for your smartphone. Most of them are free and will make life a lot easier. 

  1. Power strip

Now this is a great idea. A small extension/power strip means you can recharge your phone at the airport and never get stuck in a stingy hotel room when you want to run a hairdryer, straightener and two phone chargers at the same time. Hey, it happens. Don’t forget the adapter.



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