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It's Summer and the count down to Wimbledon is on. Whether you love it or hate it, take a moment to read these things that you may not have known about Wimbledon.


2...The number of Irish people who won the singles title, Helena Rice from Clonmel won in 1890 and Harold Sigerson Mahony from Kerry won in 1896.  

7...The highest number of single Wimbledon titles won by a player, this shared by Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and William Renshaw. 

13...The age of the youngest ever player at Wimbledon, her name was Mita Klima from Austria and she played in 1907.

15... The age Martina Hingis was when she became the youngest player to win a Wimbledon title! She was 15 years, 282 days when she won the doubles championship in 1996.

200... The number of spectators at the first Wimbledon tournament.

1877...The year Wimbledon began at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London.

1939-45... During WWII, 5 bombs hit Centre Court and destroyed 1,200 seats. It took 9 years for the court to be fully repaired.

1986... The year the yellow tennis balls were introduced, before that they were white and were dificult to see.

2007...The year that the prize money for male and female tennis players was equalised.

7,000... The amount of litres of cream that are used along with 28,000kg of strawberries each year.

54,250...The amount of tennis balls that Slazenger supplied in 2014.

€3,704,710.. The total Wimbledon prize money for 2015 (£2,675,000).


All information has been gathered from different internet sources.

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