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‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’....

So make sure your home and valuables are safe and secure this festive season. To help you do this we’ve made a list of the top tips to keep your home safe and your mind at ease this Christmas.

Leaving your home alone this Christmas?

It’s no news that the rate of break-ins are said to increase during the Christmas period and this is hugely down to the tradition of ‘seasonal visits’ to family and friends. While there is no way to avoid your home being empty at some stage, there are some ways to make your home less ‘lonely’ looking. Consider using timed lights which you can time to switch on and off while you’re away. Leave your festive tunes playing loudly on your radio, any noise coming from your house will act as a deterrent. Close any blinds / curtains most of the way so that it is not visible from the outside that your house is empty. Wherever possible, try to carpool and perhaps leave one vehicle in the driveway to make it look like you haven’t left at all.

Presents are for friends and family, not for thieves

Another reason why the rate of burglaries increase over Christmas is the known fact that there will most likely be a number of expensive items being kept in the house that would not usually be there. Popular presents such as phones, tablets and other electronics are lightweight and easy to steal; presents left under the tree are an attractive invitation for thieves so make sure to leave these out of sight. While you’re out and about, consider leaving any valuable gifts in the attic or the wardrobe. To ensure the safety of the thoughtful gifts you have bought for your loved ones, Home Insurance automatically increases your contents cover by 10% over the holiday season.

Don’t let a burst pipe ruin your Christmas

One of the worst mistakes you can make is switching your heating off completely when leaving your home for a prolonged amount of time. While this will save you some much needed cash over Christmas, it may cost you a lot more for repairing damage should your pipes freeze and burst. Set your heating on a timer to come on for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening; this will prevent still water from freezing and ultimately bursting the pipes and potentially flooding your home. Bear in mind, will cover you for any damage caused by the overflow of water once your home is not unoccupied for over 30 consecutive days

So don’t forget, leave your home lit up and musical, keep your presents out of sight, and don’t let your house get too cold this Christmas.

Most importantly, stay safe and be cheerful - from all at, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Michelle Clancy

Marketing Executive

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