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As we approach winter there are a number of steps you’ll need to take  to prepare your home for the season ahead. We’ve pulled together a few tips on what to check up on in your home to keep it safe and weather-proof for whatever the winter weather throws at us this year!


A water leak in your  home can have devastating effects. This can come from burst pipes, boiler issues, extreme temperatures or appliances. To ensure you have no water-related problems this winter, you should do the following:

  • Make sure you’re up to date on your boiler servicing. Ideally you need to have your boiler serviced annually by a registered boiler service professional. Check out the registered gas installers website ( or often, your utility company will offer this service.
  • If out of the home for long periods at a time, don’t let the internal temperature drop below 12 degrees Celsius. This is the optimum temperature for water pipe health.
  • To regulate the internal temperature in your home, you should leave all internal doors open for air flow. This regulates the temperature of your water pipes and ensures they don’t freeze.
  • Ensure your pipes and water tanks are lagged and insulated for optimum performance.
  • If there are extreme temperatures forecasted, leave your attic door open to keep warm air circulating up to your water pipes.  

Storm or Flood Damage

In recent years, Ireland has seen a number of storms during the winter months. From rogue trampolines to garden furniture going missing, you don’t want to count yourself among those who weren’t prepared. If there’s a storm brewing, you should:

  • Check your roof for any damaged tiles or cracks that could potentially lead to a leak.
  • Clear your gutters, drains and downspouts of any leaves, moss or debris.
  • Ensure your fence and gates are secured and in good condition.
  • Secure any outdoor items like garden furniture, BBQs or kids trampolines to a fixed point and bring in any loose items.
  • Consider cutting your tall hedges or any branches that may break, to minimize damage.
  • Park your car away from trees to prevent any car damage.


With the evenings getting darker and houses filling up with Christmas gifts and goodies, opportunistic thieves become a problem for homeowners. Good news is, automatically increase your Home Insurance policy by 10% during the month of December to cover all the extras around your home. That said, you should still follow the below steps to ensure that your home is not seen as a target for burglars.

  • Install a burglar alarm – monitored or standard. Both act as a deterrent for potential thieves.
  • Get to know your neighbours, that way, when you’re out of your home for an extended period, you can rest assured that someone is looking out for your house.
  • Set up outdoor, motion censored lights. Good for your safety and to keep thieves away.
  • Look at new technologies such as smart bells, to keep an eye on your property from your smart phone.
  • Keep any valuables out of sight of windows.
  • If you’re going to be out in the evenings, put your lights on timers to give the illusion that someone is home.

From covering the food in your freezer to the gifts under the tree, your Home Insurance policy with means you don’t need to worry about your home this winter, or ever. Call or go online today to get a quote.

Kirsty Byrne Condon

Marketing Executive

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