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The Family Deal

Discounts for all the Family? Better.

We know that families come in all different shapes and sizes - that's why we are proud to offer our new family deal, with discounts for the whole gang, (human gang, that is).


How does the Family Deal work?

When any of your family living with you, joins us online, they'll get up to 20% off:

        Car Insurance

        123GO Young Drivers Car Insurance

And save up to 10% on:

         Home Insurance

     All they have to do, is let us know that someone in their family already has a policy with us - it's that easy. Tick 'yes' to the second-last question we ask about your family when you're getting a quote or tell us over the phone on (01) 240 2625 - simple.

Hurry, this offer is only valid until 8th June, so you've got to be quick!

Click below to get started taking advantage of family savings.


Bear in mind that some acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply to this limited time offer.

This is a new business promotional offer valid only from 03/02/2020 until 08/06/2020

The offer is available online and over the phone.

Customers may be asked to provide evidence to validate entitlement to discounted offer by proof of shared address or policy ID of family member.