Personalised Packages

With GloHealth you can further tailor your Health Insurance to suit your lifestyle by choosing your Personalised Packages which you can use throughout the year to get even more value from your Health Insurance.

Each plan offers a different amount of personalised packages as standard and you can opt in to purchase additional personalised packages. See below a breakdown of the number of personalised packages that come free with each plan:

2 free personalised packages

  • Net More plans and Better Advantage plans

3 free personalised packages

  • Net Most plans, Best, Best Choice plans and Ultra plans

5 free personalised packages

  • Ultimate plans
International Health & Travel
GloHealth gives you a free travel insurance policy with this package.
Family Protection

Free family life cover, flu vaccines and a first aid course for parents. 

Women’s & Men’s Health

Cash back on benefits like health screening, nutritionists & food intolerance testing.  

Family & Kids’ Health

Cash back on sport’s club memberships and free flu vaccines for your family.

Sports Cover

Cash back on a range of benefits including physiotherapist visits.

Enhanced Maternity
Cash back for private consultant fees and pre & post-natal yoga and pilates classes.
Complementary Therapy

Cash back on a range of complementary therapies like acupuncture & massage.

Dental & Optical

Discounts off things like prescription glasses & cash back on dental hygienist visits.