Women's And Men's Health

The Women's & Men’s Health Package helps you to keep a close eye on your general health with cash back on benefits like health screening, nutritionists & food intolerance testing.

It will give you cover for:

Smear testing: €40 contribution

Family flu vaccine: Fully covered*

Nutritionist or Dietician: €25 × 2 visits

Acupuncture: €25 × 2 visits

Prostate screen: €40 contribution

Testicular screen: €40 contribution

Health screen: €30 contribution

Dexa Scan: €40 contribution

Mammogram: €40 contribution

Slimming club membership: €40 contribution*

Food intolerance test: €40 contribution*

Lifestyle, family & emotional: Access to telephone wellbeing coaching support

STI testing: Covered for Simple 2 tests*

* Preferred provider - these can be found here