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Switch Your Health Insurance

There are so many reasons to switch your Health Insurance to

? No Re-Serving Waiting Periods ? Kids under 3 Free on Certain Plans
? GloDoc ? We Cover Pre-existing Conditions
? Easy Claims Service ? No Fees or Direct Debit Charges

Kids under 3 Free on Certain Plans

This means that families with children under 3 can make substantial savings on their annual health insurance premium when they join Available on Bloom, Net, Best, Better, Ultra & Ultimate plans


Get unlimited access to a GP through online face-to-face consultations or over the phone 24/7, 365 days a year. GloDoc is available on a range of our great value health insurance plans such as Bloom, Better, Best, Kick-off, Nuture & Zest plans

No Re-Serving Waiting Periods

Don't forget that we recognise all of the time you have spent with your previous health insurer allowing you to have continuity of cover, once there is no more than 13 weeks break in cover.

We Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

You may switch insurers regardless of your pre-existing conditions, once you have served your waiting periods. Not to mention with you are covered immediately for accidents or injuries. Please note that you may need to serve waiting periods if you upgrade your cover.

Easy Claims Service

No need to keep your receipts until the end of the year. Send in your receipts throughout the year to claim back.

No Fees or Direct Debit Charges

We also don’t have any set up fees and if you choose to pay by direct debit we won’t apply any extra charges.

Switching your Health Insurance to is easy and hassle free. We are available Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm. So why not call us today in Dublin on (01) 241 8501 and we’ll talk you through your Health Cover options.  If you don't have time to call us...we'll call you. Click 'Call me back' below.


Alternatively choose a section below that best reflects your current lifestyle and learn more about our Health Insurance options.

Younger than 35 with no kids

Aged 35-52 with no kids

Families - most kids under 3/

Families - most kids under 12