Motor Disclosure & Assumptions

Disclosure Requirements

Failure to disclose all material information (i.e. information likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of your Proposal) or providing false information could result in one or more of the following actions:

  • your policy being cancelled;
  • your policy being treated as null and void;
  • a claim not being paid;
  • claims paid being recovered from you;
  • you become liable for additional premiums which the insurer reserves the rights to collect;
  • Terms and Conditions of the policy being amended.

Should any of these actions be taken against you, then you will be obliged to disclose this on any future request for cover or quotation, which may cause you difficulty in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere. If you are in any doubt whether any information is material, it should be disclosed.

Please note that if your car is involved in an incident we may appoint an approved repairer or other expert.


You and Your Named Drivers:

  1. do not hold a PSV licence
  2. hold a current Provisional Irish Licence or a Full Irish or EU Driving Licence
  3. are currently resident in the Republic of Ireland
  4. have never been refused insurance or renewal of insurance of any kind or had special or unusual terms applied to a motor policy or had a motor insurance policy cancelled by an insurer
  5. have never been convicted of any motoring offence nor have never been disqualified from driving nor have a prosecution pending a court hearing
  6. have never been convicted of any Non-Road Traffic Act offence or have any prosecution pending a court hearing
  7. do not suffer from any disability or medical condition that would impair your ability to drive but if you do it has been reported to the relevant driver licensing authority and they have issued a licence to drive

Insurance History:

  1. The No Claim Bonus / Named Driving Experience has been earned while driving in Ireland or the UK, in respect of a private motor policy and not a motorcycle, moped, van or commercial vehicle
  2. The No Claim Bonus has been earned in the last 2 years and is not being used on any other policy
  3. If you are claiming Named Driving Experience, the Named Driving Experience is current, meaning that it is up to date or has expired no more than 3 months ago
  4. You can provide proof of your No Claim Bonus / Named Driving Experience from the Insurer (not Broker) 

Your Car:

  1. is registered in the Republic of Ireland in your name or in the name of your spouse. (Spouse means legally married husband/wife or legally recognised Civil/Cohabiting Partner)
  2. is a private car taxed on a private basis and you are the main driver of the vehicle
  3. has a valid NCT certificate (if applicable)
  4. is not a left hand drive
  5. is not a used import other than cars originally registered in the UK and Northern Ireland
  6. has not been modified from the standard manufacturer's specification in any manner
  7. will not be used for commercial travelling