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With the weather being unpredictable and dropping in temperature, we are urging all motorists not to leave your car unattended while waiting for the windscreen to defrost. Over the past few weeks, temperatures have dropped very low with frost and ice covering windscreens and rear windows during the night. This comes as a nuisance to most, being delayed leaving for work and having to wait for the windscreen to clear. However, for some this brings opportunity and since November, there have been several stolen cars reported to the Gardaí where the owner would leave the engine running to defrost the windscreen and return minutes later to find their car stolen.


It is worth noting that your vehicle is not covered if it is stolen while the keys are left in the ignition. The Gardaí believe that many of these robberies are a result of organised gangs who are specifically targeting cars on frosty mornings. They are watching out for people coming out and starting their engine, then briefly heading back into their house while the windscreen clears. With the engine running and the doors unlocked, it takes mere seconds for the thief to get away.


We advise you to give yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning to de-ice your car while remaining in the vehicle, especially as there is more frost forecasted in the coming week. it would be ideal if you could get your car serviced before the winter to make sure your car is ready and able for the harsh conditions which can’t always be forecasted. You should also make sure that all of your lights are in full working order, as well as ensuring the appropriate levels for liquids, oils and tyres.


At we believe simple is smarter so remember, do not leave your car unattended while running and of course always drive with caution, particularly in winter weather. 

Michelle Clancy

Marketing Executive

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