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About Us

Simple is Smarter

We’ve been listening to Irish consumers and understand you’re looking for a way for insurance to work around you.

That’s why is on a mission to simplify insurance. Because simple is smarter!

So what does simple look like for you?

Effortless is our DNA.  It’s a continuous goal. We’re always trying to simplify and strip back what frustrates people about insurance.

(91% of customers found getting insurance with was an easy process. Customer Survey Q2 2019)

Friendly, Great Advice! carefully selects its staff.  After intensive training and experience our insurance experts have oodles of practice of dealing with all types of situations and requests.  We’re constantly reviewing our service and seeking to improve and update it.

Our staff will bring you through the process of getting the best available price for you.  If you have a wrinkle about your cover – they’ll probably have dealt with it before.  With over 448,000 people covered – we’ve heard it all. 

You’ll find our insurance experts over the phone are knowledgeable but still warm and friendly.  

Customer numbers as on 23/07/2019

A Slick Website

Our website has been tested and tweaked and the key process of getting a quote has been honed again and again.  We’re constantly looking to make the experience of getting an insurance policy easier online, whether on your desktop or mobile phone.

Look – we know getting a quote involves effort on your part, as we’re trying to match up your data with our best price for you!  But we’ll give you an instant quote and email to you.

And if you are an existing customer, it’s only 3 clicks to renew.  If you are a Car Insurance customer you don’t even need pin or account numbers to renew.  And now we’re working on making it even easier to manage your policy online – if you want to.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Friendly, understanding and helpful. Flawless service.
Michelle Murphy, Nov '17


Super service speedy turnaround, great price means happy customer.
Rosalinda, Dublin 15. Dec '17


Changing my policy was so easy to do and it’s great now that you can email the certificate.
Oct '17


Very professional service and really user friendly website.
T Linehan Limerick, Dec '17


Very easy to deal with. …. Done it all online in a few easy steps. Would 100% recommended it to a friend.
Melissa Duggan, Cork, Dec '17


Open Sat and 24 Hr Claims Service

Yes, we're open on Saturday because we know when you go to change/buy a new car you will be collecting it on a Saturday. Or perhaps it’s the only quiet time in the week to get your insurance sorted.

Whenever you have a query, our team in Dublin are just a phone call away and are here to help, Monday to Saturday. But if the worst should happen we're here 24 hour claims service.

Insurance that covers all kinds of things

We all take out insurance because we want to make sure we’re covered for that calamitous event – from the car crash to a flooded kitchen, or a burst pipe or fire. But our insurance covers a lot more.

For instance, all our Car Insurance policies include breakdown support as standard - 24 hours a day. We will come to you even outside your front door or in the wild hills. Handy for when you have a flat tyre or battery. Typically, we’ll be with you within an hour and resolve the issue. But if we can’t, we’ll tow your car to the nearest garage.

And now we also have Key Care on our Comprehensive Car Insurance – that’s cover for your keys should they be lost or stolen. If this happens, and your keys aren’t found we’ll come out and cut you a new key and change all the locks on your bunch of keys once you have our ‘’ keyfob on your key ring!

While Home Insurance will also cover you for the cost of renting another property if your house is uninhabitable after a claim and that’s true of our Landlord policies, amongst a host of other benefits such as covering your garden furniture for storm damage.

Just some smart things insurance cover will help you with!

We value you more!

We know that insurance is a major cost for you! We want you to stay with us and have all your insurance needs with us. It makes business sense to us - Simple. So we have exclusive customer discounts of 10% on Home/Car policies (yes – they’re subject to minimum premium and some ts and cs ). Click here

We also have a loyalty progamme with third party discounts exclusive to customers as well as monthly competitions. Again no fancy cards or pin codes to access and available exclusive to customers. Click here for more information