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Looking after Ourselves and our Families during Challenging Times

As parents all over the country continue to make working from home a reality, Aoife Lee from Parent Support reminds us that it is important to acknowledge how much has been achieved. By no means has it been easy - balancing being the parent, employee and

A Handy Guide for First-Time Buyers of Health Insurance

first time buyer

Thinking of buying health insurance for the first time? There’s lots to consider, as different plans offer varying cover and benefits. Throw in some legal jargon and it can certainly be confusing! However, as you’ll learn below, the sooner you make the

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Question 1

If the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to a specific location because of a Covid-19 outbreak, will my travel insurance policy cover a cancellation claim where I had a holiday booked prior to


Covid-19 Update - 27/04/20

From today, Monday 27th April, you can call us for a Car Insurance quote on (01) 531 9407. Alternatively, you can email us at with any queries. Remember, we're open 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday. Update - 24

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather

Preparing for stormy weather

We are here to help you get ready.

It is extremely important to fix potential problems in advance, like loose slates, and remove dead tree branches so that they don’t cause damage in a storm.

Here’s what to do if a storm