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How do Storms get their Names?

Ophelia, Agnes, Dennis, Eunice… There has been an endless series of storms in recent years and some with very questionable names! As we prepare our homes and cars ahead of storms, it does raise the question, how do storms get their names?

In Ireland storms are named by Met Eireann, UK Met Office and Royal Netherlands Met Institute. Every year members of the public put forward names and a combined list is chosen. Storms go in alphabetical order too, however the letters Q, U, X, Y, Z are not included so if your name begins with these letters sadly you will not have a storm named after you! Here are the storm names for 2023/2024:

A             Agnes 

B             Babet   

C             Ciarán  

D             Debi      

E              Elin        

F              Fergus

G             Gerrit   

H             Henk    

I               Isha       

J              Jocelyn

K             Kathleen             

L              Lilian     

M            Minnie

N             Nicholas              

O             Olga      

P             Piet       

R             Regina

S              Stuart   

T              Tamiko

V             Vincent

W            Walid    

Tips on how to make your home safe during storms.

  • Close all windows and doors, particularly large doors like garage or patio doors.
  • Put garden furniture in a garage or shed or bring it inside.
  • Close washing line poles or take them down.
  • Check that TV aerials and satellite dishes are securely fastened and secure cables and electric wires.
  • Clear leaves and debris from gutters.
  • Clear drains to make sure rainwater can flow freely into them.
  • Check there are no loose roof slates or loose coverings on sheds.
  • Secure fences, repair garden walls and fix any gates that don't close firmly so they're not further damaged by wind.
  • Park cars in a garage or away from trees, fences, and garden walls.
  • Remove dead tree branches and check trees for root and branch damage.
  • During the storm, stay indoors and don't go outside to try and repair damage, stay safe!.
  • Remove any trampolines and make sure to bring indoors.
  • Charge your devices and switch to low power mode in case the electricity goes out.

Should you be affected by storms this Winter, we are here to help. Your home policy includes 24/7 home emergency rescue so call us on  091 545 970.  Home rescue operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Reference: Met Éireann releases storm names for the 2023/24 season - Met Éireann - The Irish Meteorological Service

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