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The Autumn charity is The Irish Kidney Association. They are a charitable voluntary organisation that support patients and their families affected by end stage kidney disease, who are either being treated by dialysis or have a working kidney transplant. The great thing about the Irish Kidney Association is that they provide all services for free, ensuring patients and their families can live as normal a life as possible.

Fundraising Events


Each year the employees get to have their say and vote for four charities to support, which means each charity is close to the hearts of our staff. The two champions’ for the Irish Kidney Association are Leah who is our Operations Manager and Sarah who is one of our Customer Care Team Leaders. 


The champions have put a lot of work into the staff fundraising events which will take place over the Autumn. The first event kicks off in early August, where staff will have a casual day and for every euro they contribute, will match it. There will also be food provided with a (kidney) bean theme such as chilli bean curry and jelly beans. Various staff draws are also planned, with a signed Dublin jersey up for grabs. 


Harry’s Story

Harry is Leah’s dad, Harry was on dialysis and the transplant list for 3 years. He thankfully had a kidney transplant in 2007. Harry has represented Ireland at many international games events both as a dialysis patient and in recent years as a transplant recipient. Here is his story...

"Hi my Name is Harry Ward and in July 2007 I had a kidney transplant in Beaumont hospital after being on dialysis for 3 years and 1 month and going in to Beaumont 3 times a week. I would be collected from home at 4.30 in the morning and be on dialysis for 4 hours each time. Some days I would be ok and have a good day and do anything I wanted to do, other days I would feel very tired and could do nothing at all just sleep. 

After about a year on dialysis, I found out about the Irish Kidney Association, and how they had a sport’s program where people with a transplant and on dialysis could travel all over the world to take part in the Transplant Games. I joined this group of very healthy people all with a transplant or on dialysis  so a new chapter in my life begun. I have gone to many games all over the world and met so many wonderful people, all making the best of their new chance at life. So, life did not end when I had to go on dialysis, it only changed. 


It was all thanks to a brave decision of a family at one of the most stressful times of their lives. They made a decision to donate their loved one’s organs and I was so lucky to be given a kidney. After a week in Beaumont I was able to go home and live a normal life.


I am so happy that I don’t have to go to Beaumont 3 times a week anymore and I am very well. 


I will always be thankful to my donor and their family for what they did for me . Never a day goes by without me thinking of them.


To get a donor card just text DONOR to 50500 and you will get a donor card by post but the most important thing is to speak to your next of kin about your wishes to become Organ Donor".


Become a Donor


If you become a donor, in the event of your death you could help many people. Each donor is able to donate a number of organs and tissues, such as: kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, small bowel, pancreas, cartilage, bone, skin, tendons, heart valves and even the cornea.


The good news is The Mater Hospital had an exceptional year for heart transplantation with 18 heart transplants taking place in 2014. The bad news is, there was approximately 700 people on a transplant waiting list in Ireland at the end of 2014. With 76% of their funding coming from us, the public, it’s crucial that we continue to raise as much as possible to enable them to continue saving lives. You can quickly donate €2 by texting KIDNEY to 50300 or you can visit their Just Giving page to donate more, or if you would like to fundraise for them.

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