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The 2016 Spring charity is CMRF Crumlin (Children's Research and Medical Foundation). 

CMRF Crumlin is the principle fundraising body for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. They are dedicated to working to improve the quality of life and future generations of sick children. They believe “Every sick child deserves every chance.”

They play a key role in supporting the hospital funding, to deliver state of the art facilities, equipment, infrastructure and accommodation for families and other special requirements and needs for some of Ireland’s sickest children.

In addition they are the principle funder of vital paediatric research in Ireland through the research programmes at The National Children’s Research Centre, a world class facility which provides state of the art laboratory facilities for investigation into the causes and treatments of childhood disease.

CMRF Crumlin needs to raise €12 million per annum to continue to fund the needs of both the hospital and research centre. So let's get help them reach it!

Fundraising Events

Our staff champions for CMRF have put a lot of thought into the fundraising events to raise as much money as possible for Crumlin Children's Hospital this spring. The fundraising will kick off with a bake sale in the office in early March.

There are also many more office events organised such as raffles and themed casual days.







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