Here’s how to have an equally good time during World Cup 2014. 

One thing is certain – football will be EVERYWHERE from June 12th to July 13th but if you’d rather watch paint dry than Uruguay versus Costa Rica, here are some ideas to make those four weeks fun for you too:

  1. Dive into TV

Take out a trial membership of a movie channel, such as Netflix, and get stuck into all of those movies and box sets you’ve been meaning to watch for ages.

  1. Renovate

Ok, here’s a goodie. Instead of the 90 minutes everyday that your friends will be glued to the TV, make a list of 90-minute renovation or repair jobs you can do around the house or garden.

  1. Get fit

A 90-minute walk, cycle, gym session, yoga or pilates class every day will make a hell of a difference to your health. And you’ll sleep through the rest.

  1. Volunteer

Take a look around. There are lots of charitable and voluntary groups who need your help all year round so throw yourself into them and offer up your time.

  1. Learn something

So, you’ve got 90 minutes to kill every day. Why not take up a new hobby? Learn to ride a horse or take up painting. Imagine how cool it would be if you could say “The 2014 World Cup? That’s when I learned how to play the tuba.”

Michelle Sheehan
Digital Marketing Manager
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