Making a Change to my Policy

How do I suspend my car policy?

For Car Insurance Customers

Policy suspension, or putting your car policy on hold, allows you to reduce your policy cover for a period of time while your car is not in use, for example if you leave the country on a long stay holiday. 

 The following conditions must be met in order to suspend your car insurance: 

  • The insured car must not be kept on a Public Road.
  • The cert & disc must be returned to our office –, RSA House, Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16
  • You must also send a letter of instruction to suspend the policy (including the date from which the suspension should commence, the date cannot be in the past).
  • The car must still be in your possession i.e. it cannot be sold or scrapped
  • If paying by direct debit you must continue to pay instalments as normal during suspension.
  • The minimum time you can suspend your policy for is 28 days.

Note: No refund is due if there is a claim prior to or during the period of suspension or anytime during that year of insurance, this includes windscreen claims.

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