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Before you Insure

I want to insure a previously written off vehicle?

For Car Insurance Customers

For new customers, we do not insure vehicles that have been previously written off. However, if you are currently insured with us and want to transfer your insurance, we may review this depending on the category of write off.

Some cars are classed as being beyond economic repair after an accident. This simply means that it would cost more to repair the damage than it would to replace the entire car. If your car was previously classed as beyond economic repair but has since been repaired to a roadworthy condition and has passed the NCT, please contact us so we can see if we can put the car on cover. In some cases, we may also require an engineer’s report form detailing the repairs carried out. We will require sight of any requested documents before cover is provided.

If your vehicle has been classed as end of life then we cannot insure it, even if it has been repaired.

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