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Weird and Fun French Laws

Read these weird and funny french laws before you head to the Euros 2016!

All You Need To Know Before You Buy A Car

In the Great Irish Car review, which surveyed almost 6,300 drivers in Ireland, 38% of people said they were planning to change their car in 2016. Buying a car is a big deal. The idea of cruising in a brand spanking new car might be very appealing but

Renovating your home? 9 tips to keep in mind

With house prices on the rise – especially in Dublin where the average price of a 4 bed semi is nearly €400k – trading up to a larger home has become out of reach for most people. That’s why renovations are on the up with more and more homeowners making the

Parking in Ireland

A fascinating article on points out that there are about a quarter of a billion cars and light vans in the USA and about one billion parking spaces to cater for all those vehicles.

Applying the same ratio for Ireland (with about 2.5 million

Baking Soda Hacks

If you don’t have baking soda in the house- go buy it now. It’s multi-purpose and best of all its cheap as chips. As well as using it for cooking and baking, below are 10 ways you can use it to clean the house, your body and even your pet.

1. Clean pans and