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Tips for Driving Abroad

Planning on packing up the family in the car and heading abroad? Make sure to be prepared before you go, here are some tips to reduce the stress of the journey:

1. Plan your route in advance

If you're planning to drive a long way to your destination or

Things to consider when insuring an engagement ring

How much are people really spending on engagement rings these days?

While wedding traditions become more and more laissez-faire, the engagement ring spend question will just not go away.

It was actually a marketing campaign in the 1930s by the De Beers

When Upcycling Got Chic

Plastic spoons, old car tyres, a discarded cable drum, a wooden ladder; these are unlikely to be the first items that spring to mind when thinking about redecorating your home.

But the upcycling trend is causing many home-owners to look at these items in a

Useful things to bring on holiday.

Some you know about, some you don’t. 


Got your summer holiday booked? Planning to veg out on a beach? Go on an adventure? Stay with friends? Whatever you have in mind, here’s some useful things to pack before you go:

  1. A colour copy of your passport

How safe is your car right now?

One in six cars are driving on tyres unfit for the road.

A recent survey by the Irish Tyre Industry Association has found that one in six cars on Irish roads are driving on tyres that are unsafe.

Those figures are backed up by the NCT. So far this year