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Covid-19 Update - 02/04/20


Thanks for stopping by. We are all in this together, in a new operating world and here at, we really are trying to make things better. So, we wanted to share a few things that will benefit you during this time.

If you


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Question 1

If the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised against travel to a specific location because of a Covid-19 outbreak, will my travel insurance policy cover a cancellation claim where I had a holiday booked prior to

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather

Preparing for stormy weather

We are here to help you get ready.

It is extremely important to fix potential problems in advance, like loose slates, and remove dead tree branches so that they don’t cause damage in a storm.

Here’s what to do if a storm

Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

If the chill in the air hasn’t already alerted you, winter is well and truly here and with that comes a whole suite of things you can be doing to keep your car in tip top shape in the colder weather. We’ve put together a list of things

Brexit Notice: UK/NI Driver's Licence

The Road Safety Authority of Ireland have issued a notice to all UK/NI driving licence holders:


Are you the holder of a UK/NI driving licence? The Road Safety Authority wishes to advise policyholders, resident in Ireland, with a UK/NI driving licence