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Comprehensive Breakdown of Motor Insurance Benefits

  Third Party, Fire and Theft                       Comprehensive
Section 1 - Legal Liability to Others    
Section 2 - Driving of Other Cars    
Section 3 - Accidental Damage    
Section 4 - Fire and Theft    
Section 5 - Windscreen Cover    
Section 6 - Using your Car Abroad    
Section 7 - No Claim Discount - Protected Optional    
Section 8 - Personal Accident Benefits    
Section 9 - Personal Belongings    
Section 10 - Medical Expenses    
Section 11 - Emergency Overnight Accommodation    
Section 12 - Breakdown Assistance    
Section 13 - No Claim Discount - Step Back    
Section 15 - Key Care     

The benefits listed are the standard car insurance policy benefits for each policy type BUT may vary in some cases. Please refer to the Policy Details section of your Renewal Invitation to see the sections applicable to your policy. For full cover details, limits and exclusions please refer to the policy booklet.


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