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Welcome to My123. Our mission is to make insurance better, so we created a dedicated space for you. A space where you’ll find everything to do with your policies. No more digging around or searching through emails looking for policy information; with My123 you’ve got everything you need, easily accessible in just a few clicks. Sign-up is simple, just login using your name and policy number.

Sign up here to make life a little easier.

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What is it?

My123 allows you to see all the information related to your policy and cover in one single place in real time, to upload any documents we need from you, and to view or amend your policy and drivers.

You can now easily and instantly submit outstanding information and documentation via our new Chatbot too!

Explore My123
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How do I use it?

Simply sign in to My123, and you’ll be directed to your dashboard where you’ll be able to see any policy that’s linked to your account.

You can access My123 anytime, anywhere, whether it be from your mobile or tablet device, or your desktop.

Within My123 you can view our FAQs, download your policy documentation directly to your device, upload documents, view and amend your policy, view and add drivers, and more.

Explore My123
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Now Available!

You now have the ability to make changes to your policies within My123, including

Update your direct debit payment details if you’re changing banks.

Update your policy if you’ve bought a new car

Update your policy and get covered on a temporary vehicle if your car is in the garage

Permanently add another driver to your policy

Temporarily add another driver to your policy

 We’ll keep you up to speed on all updates and additions to My123 as we continue to make improvements and give you more control of your cover.