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Make the most out of your Spring Clean

With Easter around the corner and the weather finally picking up a bit, there’s no better time than now to get ready for your big Spring Clean! We all make an effort to keep our homes tidy and clutter-free but how often do you really give the place a deep clean? I mean pull out the couches, clear out the wardrobes and empty your cupboards kind of clean? Let’s be honest, it is a daunting thought.. but with the help of these tips, alongside a sunny day and an uplifting soundtrack, there’s nothing holding you back!

Get yourself a cleaning kit

If you’re anything like me, excuse-making is a method you use to justify procrastination. The first step to starting your Spring Clean is getting your supplies together. Don’t try to clean your home with a couple of mix ‘n’ match supplies because realistically, you will do what you can and then never get back to it. You’ll need a basic list of supplies such as: all-purpose cleaner, plastic gloves, disinfecting wipes, oven cleaner, glass cleaner, sponges and a duster. Once you have all relevant equipment, use a basket or a bucket to keep these together so that you’re not running in and out of the kitchen, plonking around on your freshly mopped tiles looking for a sponge.

Be firm, lose the clutter

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the little things we see around the place every day; like burnt out candles in fancy jars, cute trinkets that don’t really work anymore, even small appliances we promised ourselves would come in handy someday. All of these things are consuming space and leaving a cluttered look in your home. So detach yourself from all your little knick-knacks and be ruthless – anything that does not serve a valuable purpose – bin! Anything that you do feel is useful enough to keep, set it aside until you’re finished your clean and dedicate a specific space to keep them all.

Step by step, room by room

We all know what it’s like, frantically running around your home trying to clean everything at once when your in-laws are only ten minutes away from their ‘surprise visit’. This method is a recipe for disaster – you will clear the big obvious things like coats and bags and then you go to sit down and you see the dirty plates and the coffee spills. If you’ve set aside time for your Spring Clean you may as well optimise it! Make a list of each room you have to clean, under each room you should then make a sub list of each job that has to be completed in that room. Once you’ve finished the bathroom (including the floors, shower, sink, toilet and mirrors) move onto the next room and tackle the jobs one by one. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything and let’s face it, lists never let us down.

Bring Spring into your home!

Once you have all the cleaning jobs done and dusted, it’s time to treat yourself and your home. With Spring knocking at your door, why not let it in? Buy some fresh flowers or a new plant, even a cheerful painting that brightens the mood. This will bring an air of freshness to your home, and without all the clutter you’ll have plenty of room to put them. Not only will fresh flowers open up the room and fill it with a pleasant aroma, but they can also enhance your general well-being as they can improve the indoor air quality. The perfect way to start Spring is with a fresh mind, and a fresh home. So with these tips to make the most of your space paired with Home Insurance from, you can let all your worries float away this Spring.

Michelle Clancy

Marketing Executive

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