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9 ways to keep kids entertained in the car

We all know that long journeys for kids can be a pain! Here are some novel and fun ways to keep younger kids from going crazy on those long car journeys:

1. A “Travel Bag” with new colouring books and crayons but don’t give them until they’re actually in the car and ready to go.

2. If you have a digital camera, give them to the kids with their own memory cards to make their own photo albums as they go along.

3. Pit Stops. Tell them you will stop every 100 miles or so to buy them one (non-sugar) treat. It makes the distance more interesting for them.

4. Travel games, like snakes & ladders, now come in portable travel versions which will keep them entertained with one another.

5. Plenty of CDs of their favourite music – let each child choose 30 minutes of music each.

6. If they have iPods or iPads, consider buying a “treat” app just for the journey – a game or other entertainment that will occupy them for hours.

7. A portable DVD with their favourite movie or TV show is a sure fire winner.

8. Books on CD (or on your iPhone) are fantastic, and you can get them from, iTunes or your local library.

9. Car games like I Spy, The Licence Plate Game and even Bingo can be a lot of fun for everyone.

Roisin Mc Carville

Digital Marketing Executive

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