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Preparing for stormy weather

We are here to help you get ready.

It is extremely important to fix potential problems in advance, like loose slates, and remove dead tree branches so that they don’t cause damage in a storm.

Here’s what to do if a storm is coming our way.

Protecting your home

1. Close all windows and doors, especially large doors like garage or patio doors.

2. Put garden furniture in a garage or shed, or bring it inside.

3. Close washing line poles or take them down.

4. Check that TV aerials and satellite dishes are securely fastened and secure cables and electric wires.

5. Clear leaves and debris from gutters.

6. Clear drains to make sure rain water can flow freely into them.

7. Check there are no loose roof slates or loose coverings on sheds.

8. Secure fences, repair garden walls and fix any gates that do not close firmly so they are not damaged further by wind.

9. Park cars in a garage or away from trees, fences and garden walls.

10. Remove dead tree branches and check trees for root and branch damage.

11. During the storm, stay indoors and do not go outside to try and repair damage.

12. Dismantle any trampolines and make sure to bring indoors.

Protecting your car:

If possible, park your car a safe distance from any tree's or loose debris, which may become a risk during high winds.


- Areas which are susceptible to flooding

- Parking near coastlines

- Parking underneath or close to power lines

- Driving through water as there may be hidden dangers

- Avoid unnecessary trips

- If you have to drive please make sure your lights are on and to leave extra room between you and drivers in front


Finally, be sure to keep an eye on for storm updates.

Kirsty Byrne Condon

Marketing Executive

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