Summer Driving

Good weather does not always mean good driving conditions as the sunshine can melt the road surface making it extremely slippery. Also, rain at the end of a long dry spell can mix with dust, oil and rubber, producing a road surface like an ice rink.

  • Never, ever drink and drive. Do you want to shatter your own or other family lives?
  • Never break traffic speed limits and keep your distance from the car in front
  • Don't forget to stop and take frequent breaks.
  • Ensure you and all passengers wear seat belts at all times, including those “just popping down to the shop” trips.
  • Regularly check car tyres for baldness and make sure tyre pressure is correct.
  • If you are taking your car on holiday make sure you have it serviced. It may be hard to get breakdown assistance in a foreign country.
  • Make sure that luggage does not impede the drivers vision or prevent seat belts from being used. If using a roof rack make sure everything is securely tied down.
  • Pack favourite toys and plenty of games to keep your back seat passengers amused.
  • If you start feeling tired, let someone else drive. If you are driving alone, pull into a rest stop or another safe location and take a short nap or walk around for a few minutes.
  • If driving abroad have the headlights fitted with deflectors.