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Automatic Temporary Substitution Cover

Any private car (excluding cars used for Hire or Reward) up to 2000cc loaned to You by a registered garage or vehicle repairer for up to 7 days whilst Your Car, as described in Your schedule and the use of which is covered in the Certificate of Insurance, is being serviced or repaired, unless cover is provided by the Insurance Policy of the garage or vehicle repairer.

Subject to the following conditions

1) The vehicle has not been modified from the standard specification in any way.

2) The vehicle is a right hand drive.

3) The vehicle has a valid NCT (if applicable 4 years or older)


If the vehicle you have been given by a garage meets all the above requirements, then you do not need to contact us to confirm the cover. The cover is the same as described in Your policy schedule and is automatically transferred to the car you are using. 

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