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Disclosure Requirements

Failure to disclose all material information (i.e. information likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of your Proposal) or providing false information could result in one or more of the following actions:

  • your policy being cancelled;
  • your policy being treated as null and void;
  • a claim not being paid;
  • claims paid being recovered from you;
  • you become liable for additional premiums which the insurer reserves the rights to collect;
  • Terms and Conditions of the policy being amended.

Should any of these actions be taken against you, then you will be obliged to disclose this on any future request for cover or quotation, which may cause you difficulty in trying to purchase insurance elsewhere. Also failure to have property insurance in place could lead to a breach in terms and conditions attaching to any loan secured on that property. If you are in any doubt whether any information is material, it should be disclosed.