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Making a Change to my Policy

How do I add a second person to my Home Insurance policy?

For Home Insurance Customers

To include a second person on your Home Insurance policy you will need to contact our Customer Care team and answer the below questions.

1. In respect of the property being insured, you and anyone living in the home, in the last three years have

  • Not made more than one household insurance or liability claim (whether the claim was covered by the policy or not)
  • Not made a claim totaling more than €5,000
  • No open claims

2. Neither you nor any others residing with you have ever been refused insurance or had any special terms, restrictions or conditions imposed by any insurer  

3. Neither you nor any others residing with you:

  • Have ever been convicted or received a caution from the Gardaí
  • Have a prosecution pending for any offence involving arson or other damage or loss of property or dishonesty of any kind (e.g. theft handling stolen goods, robbery, fraud etc.)

This can be done by phone on 01 524 6029 or by email at once the email address is noted on the policy and registered to your own name.

Once added, they will become a joint proposer and have full access to the policy.

We would only advise adding on a second proposer if they have an insurable interest in the property as their name will then appear on any letter of indemnity issued to your mortgage provider.


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