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How do I nominate a third party to deal with my policy on my behalf?

In order to keep your information safe and secure, we can only discuss a policy with the policyholder or their

  • Legally married spouse
  • Legally recognised civil partner
  • Legally recognised co-habiting partner

You can choose to nominate a third party, for example a friend or family member, to handle and discuss your policy on your behalf. Depending on the level of access you wish to give the third party, this permission can be given either verbally or in writing.

Please remember that the third party you are nominating must be over 18 years old.

Limited Access

To add a third party as an authorised user with limited access, you can either advise us verbally by speaking to our team on 01 524 6000, in writing by sending in a letter detailing this, or filling out a third party nomination form.

This will grant the third party permission to discuss the policy and request information only. It will not permit them to make any changes to the policy. 

  • For a household policy, if there are two proposers, we will require verbal confirmation from both proposers.
  • We will only issue correspondence to the policyholder.  For example, if the nominated person requests information, we will only send it to the policyholder, not to the nominated person.

Full Access

If you wish to grant the third party permission to make amendments to your policy the third party nomination form must to be completed by the policyholder(s), alternatively this can be requested in writing by sending in a letter detailing this. It is not possible to give full access to a third party verbally.

  • Postal or email address can only be changed by the policyholder and we don’t accept third party email addresses.

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