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Looking After Your Keys

Some simple tips to look after your keys:

  • Never have anything containing your name and address attached to your keys.
  • Never leave your keys under doormats, on string through the letterbox, under a stone, on top of a door or window frame etc. An opportunist thief may be watching.
  • Never leave doors or windows open when you go out. If you can get in, so can a burglar.
  • Try not to keep all your keys on one key ring.
  • Car thieves are increasingly trying new methods of vehicle crime. This means that they steal the keys to your vehicle first. Burglars have been known to break into houses and offices just to steal vehicle keys.
  • Don't leave vehicle keys close to the front door where they can be seen.
  • NEVER leave your keys in your vehicle - not even for a second. This is especially important when at a petrol station or when loading/unloading your vehicle.
  • Always lock your vehicle when leaving it.

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