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123GO - What We Offer is all about great cover with great service so when your Car Insurance is with us, you know you're in good hands. You can have peace of mind knowing that there's a whole team of insurance professionals based in Dublin ready and willing to help you with whatever you need.

How does 123GO work?

123GO is a simple black box solution. Once you purchase your 123GO policy, we will install a small black box in your car which will monitor your driving style. The box is no bigger than a smartphone and takes less than 30 mins to fit in your car. The 123GO black box records information such as speed, smoothness and usage which together gives you an overall driving score.

You will have access to the 123GO mobile app, allowing you to keep updated on your driving score anytime, anywhere.

The better you drive, the less you pay with us.


We offer 2 levels of cover on 123GO with features and benefits to suit your needs and budget.


1. Comprehensive

If you have an accident, we'll pay for the cost of repairs to your car and cover any other damage to another vehicle and injury to third parties. You're also covered against loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft, loss of personal belongings and windscreen damage. We will provide you with a replacement car as soon as possible while yours is being repaired.

2. Third Party, Fire & Theft Third Party, Fire & Theft covers damage you cause to another vehicle and injury to third parties. It also covers loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft.

The main difference between this and our Comprehensive cover is that Third Party, Fire & Theft doesn't cover your own vehicle if it's damaged in an accident.

Can't decide which cover type would suit you? Compare the benefits below:
  Third Party, Fire and Theft                       Comprehensive
Legal Liability to Others    
Accidental Damage to Your Car    
Loss of or Damage to Your Car caused by Fire or Theft    
Windscreen and Window Damage Cover    
Using your Car Abroad    
Personal Accident Benefits    
Personal Belongings    
Accident and Emergency Cover    
Emergency Overnight Accommodation    
Breakdown Assistance    
Step Back No Claims Bonus Discount Protection     
Key Care Cover    
No Claims Discount ProtectionOptional    

The benefits listed are the 123GO Car Insurance policy benefits for each policy type but may vary in some cases. Please refer to the Policy Details section of your Schedule or Renewal Invitation to see the sections applicable to your policy. For full cover details, limits and exclusions please refer to the 123GO policy booklet.