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Am I covered for windscreen damage?

For Car Insurance Customers

Windscreen cover is included on our Comprehensive insurance policies and not on Third Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT) policies.

You can check your level of cover by referring to the policy details section of your insurance schedule.

Having windscreen cover allows you to make a claim to have glass on the car replaced or repaired but it does not cover the mirrors on your car.

In a single policy year you can get an unlimited amount of repairs done to the glass once the total cost of these repairs does not exceed the value of your car, which you declared to us.

As well as repairs, windscreen cover allows for one complete replacement in any one insurance year, up to the value of €1,500.

If you require more than one replacement, any additional replacements will be treated the same as any other claim for accidental damage and may affect your no claims discount.

If you need a repair or replacement for the glass in your car, contact our approved repairers below:

  • All Glass (01) 409 0900
  • Autoglass (01) 409 0900

Please note, if you do not use one of our approved repairers, the maximum amount that will be covered for a replacement is €225.

For full details of cover, limits and exclusions please refer to you policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased or renewed your policy. Our current policy booklet can be found here

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