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Flood Prevention

To help prevent flooding check that outside drains and gullies are clear and free running.

If you live in an area that has flooded before, then:

  1. Move your car, lawnmowers, etc. to higher ground.
  2. Move any furniture and electrical items upstairs if you can.
  3. Seal any delicate items in plastic bags.
  4. If you have a basement make sure everything is stored there at least 20cm off the floor or bring upstairs if possible.

If your home suffers water damage, then:

  1. Make sure you turn off all electrical power at the mains and then unplug appliances.
  2. Turn off water supplies at the mains.
  3. If you can, clear out all drains and gullies to help drainage.
  4. Once the water has gone, remove all floor coverings, ventilate the house and dry out slowly using dehumidifiers if possible.
  5. Make any emergency repairs you can.
  6. Don’t throw out any damaged items because they may need to be inspected.
  7. Call an electrician to have your electrical system checked before you turn the power back on.

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