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What is Low Mileage Car Insurance?

Low Mileage is a new feature on our standard Car Insurance that provides better rates for customers who drive under 5,000km annually.

If your car is compatible with our device and you've selected under 5,000km, you'll be offered the option of using a device to keep track of your mileage. We do this by tracking the location of your car to establish how far you've driven. You'll be sent the device by post once you've purchased the policy and then, all you need to do is plug it into your car.

Low Mileage is simply a new option offered on our Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance that benefits people who are driving less these days.

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And with My123, you can manage your policy online through your own personalised account. 

  • Update your policy if you’ve bought a new car
  • Add another temporary or permanent driver
  • Get covered on a temporary vehicle if your car is in the garage

All of these changes can be made 24/7. No need to call, no wait times. It’s Insurance, your way.

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My Device

My Device

When will I receive my device?

You should receive your device by post within 7 working days of taking out your Insurance policy with us. 

Am I insured before my device is plugged in?

Yes, cover will start from the date you selected. However, failure to plug your device in, may lead to your policy being cancelled. 

Where does the device plug in on my car?

The device plugs into your car's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) socket. In most cars, this is either on the centre console, under the dash just above the pedals, or to the right of the steering wheel. We'll send you a guide in the post with your device and if you have any problems at all while plugging it in, our team are on hand to help you. Call us on 01 524 6029. 

How do you track my mileage?

We use your location to track your distance travelled and calculate your mileage.

What happens if I lose/break my device?

In the unlikely event that you damage or lose the device, a €120 replacement fee will apply. 

What happens to the device if I cancel or lapse my policy?

Simply unplug the device from your car once your policy has ended to stop the tracking. 

Will it be easy to detect if there are issues with my device?

We'll monitor the health of the device. If any issues arise, we'll contact you to arrange a fix. 

What exactly does the device record and how does that information get to

The device records only the location and kilometres used. No other personal data is collected. This information comes to us securely from our telematics partner. 

My Insurance

My Insurance

What happens to the device if I cancel or don't renew my policy?

If you cancel your policy midterm, simply unplug the device from your car and the tracking will stop. If you are not renewing your policy, make sure to unplug your device once the renewal date has passed and the policy is finished. 

Who do I contact for support? 

Our team are available over the phone on 01 524 6029 or by email at

Can I still get Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft cover with this product?

Yes, both options are available when purchasing the policy. 

Can I change my mind during the year once I have bought Low Mileage Insurance?


Can I have a named driver on this Insurance? 

Yes. Any driving they do on the policy will be counted in your kilometre usage. 

Can I change my mind during the year if I haven’t opted for Low Mileage Insurance when purchasing my policy? 

The Low Mileage feature is only available when purchasing a new policy and will be offered if your car is compatible with our device and you've selected under 5,000km.

My 5,000km

My 5,000km

What happens if I drive over 5,000km?

We'll let you know when you're coming close to using your 5,000km limit. Not to worry if you do, you can update your policy to allow you to drive more kilometres. An additional premium may apply.

How do I find out how many kilometres I have left?

Don't worry, if you get close to the 5,000km limit, we'll be in contact to let you know and discuss your options. You can always contact our Customer Care team to find out your kilometre balance. 

Can I buy more kilometres throughout the year?

Yes - You can move into our next kilometre usage bracket of 10,000km at any stage during the year. An additional premium may apply to do this. 

Do I get a refund back if I don't use all of my kilometres?

No - as a Low Mileage customer, you are already getting a better rate. Similar to our Standard Car Insurance product, you do not get a refund on any unused mileage. 

My Car

My Car

What if someone borrows my car?

Should someone borrow your car, you will need to advise them about the Low Mileage device. Any distance they travel will be counted in your total kilometre usage. 

What happens if I change my car?

If you change your car, we'll let you know if the new car is compatible with the device. If it is, you can just unplug it from your old car and plug it into your new car. If an extension cable if needed, we'll post out one to you. If the device cannot be fitted to the new car, then we'll update your policy to stop tracking kilometres and you can unplug the device from your old car. 

How do I get a low mileage car insurance quote

How to get a Low Mileage Car Insurance quote

To get a Low Mileage Car Insurance quote simply select LESS THAN 5000km when you fill in your quote details. You'll then be offered the option to select Low Mileage Car Insurance. Unfortunately, a small number of cars aren't compatible with the Low Mileage plug-in device. If your car isn't compatible, Low Mileage won’t be offered as an option to you as you complete your quote online. However, our standard Car Insurance rates are still very competitive, plus you’ll get 10% off if you opt to buy online. Try a Car Insurance quote with us here and see how much you could save.

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